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5 Benefits of a Community Garden at Work

You depend on your employees every day, so why not show them that they can depend on you for a healthy work environment?  Here’s 5 advantages of a community garden at work:


Giving employees access to fresh foods can encourage them to improve dietary habits that will benefit them long-term. Community gardens have been directly linked to reduced stress levels and lowered crime rates in the areas in which they reside.


Planting, weeding, tilling, watering, harvesting… the list goes on! Digging in the dirt together creates a lasting bond and promotes physical activity. Spending time in the garden outside of the office is a great way for employees to decompress and share some laughs.

Peace of mind.

How many times in an average workday do you wish for a moment of peace? The garden is a safe space for employees to take a breath, take a walk or take a few minutes to recharge before coming back to work refreshed and ready to dive back in.

A sense of accomplishment.

The feeling of pride that comes from growing your own food is powerful. Studies show that our serotonin and dopamine levels rise when we feel accomplished or reach a goal, regulating our mood and upping our mental alertness. These factors can all contribute to a positive work culture.

Life skills.

Gardening is a lifelong transferable skill. It teaches planning, patience, tolerance, strategy and other skills that can be used in work or home life. Empowering your employees with these learning advantages is sure to benefit your organization.

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