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June 2014

12 Greatest Companies to Work For

Why employees love working there:
“Everyone at Bristol ID works together for one common goal: to satisfy the customer,” says Print and Promo Sales Manager Renee Reed, who nominated the company for the recognition. “Everyone in the factory owns each and every job and will do what they need to in order to complete it on time and with extraordinary quality. It really is a treat to see everyone taking pride in what they do and having a genuine, mutual respect for their team.”

What makes it different from other employers:
Reed says Bristol is a company where everyone cares about the effort they put into a job. “Because we sell through distributors, we know they are staking their reputations on us as well with each and every order. We don’t want to disappoint. The meticulous effort put forth to make a fabulous product—and even to maintain a clean and safe workplace—is amazing. It comes through on each and every order that leaves our factory.”

How it celebrates success:
Monthly meetings led by the company president that keep all employees informed and make them feel important (he discusses the previous month’s financial results including sales, profits and bonuses, company news, expansions, new programs, etc.). The meeting concludes with lunch for everyone.

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