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Bristol ID Manufactures MIFARE® cards

Products Available:

  • MIFARE Classic® 1K
  • MIIFARE Classic® 4K
  • MIFARE Ultralight®

MIFARE® is a proven, reliable and robust technology for contactless smart cards. High volume IC manufacturing with leading process technologies and assembly experience has led to the issuance of over 500 million cards and the installation of 5 million readers and terminals in applications around the world. And with more than 50 individual card manufacturers and 200 reader manufacturers, multiple sourcing for cards and readers is guaranteed no matter where you are located.

With a complete product portfolio (including ICs for limited-use paper tickets as well as microcontrollers for dual interface smart cards with PKI crypto engines capable of hosting multiple applications), MIFARE® offers the right product for every application. And as an open architecture platform, it guarantees compatibility with all current and future products.


  • Open architecture platform – convenient, fast and flexible
  • Compatibility with all current and future products
  • Broadest product portfolio available
  • Microcontrollers and hardwired logic IC available
  • Mixed installations possible
  • Operable in harsh environmental conditions
  • Maintenance-free, reliable and proven technology
  • Established and running infrastructure around the world
  • Proven, reliable and robust technology
  • More than 500 million smart card ICs in the field
  • More than 5 million reader components sold
  • Highest security available via contactless interface
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