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Bristol ID Technologies Launches New Antimicrobial Film AMGuard

Bristol ID Technologies - Antimicrobial Film - AMGuard

Bristol ID Technologies, a leading producer and innovator of plastic card printing technology has announced its newest card product, AMGuard. Antimicrobials are products that inhibit the growth and reproduction of, bacteria, mold, and fungi.

Enhanced with a patented antimicrobial compound, AMGuard effectively reduces and controls the growth of unwelcome microorganisms in locations such as schools, food service, office, heath care and high security environments.

Bristol’s Teslin AMGuard is the only laminating film that incorporates the natural protection of silver as an antimicrobial agent, which is highly effective against the broadest range of bacteria.

Bristol’s PVC AMGuard leverages incredible leading-edge nanotechnology in addition to the properties of regular overlay so that you can protect the health of your clients and customers, no matter where you are located.

• Best in class Antimicrobial performance
• Safe for cleaning and multiple use
• Non-toxic
• Non-harming
• Easy to replace

To learn more about AMGuard reach out to Bristol’s team of experts today: (800) 215-5865

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