Bristol ID Manufactures Prox cards

Products Available: 26 Bit ISO Prox 26 Bit Duo Prox Combine access control with photo identification on a single card. Compatible with HID readers. Great for Access Control Time & Attendance Photo ID’s Options Programming Numbering Encoding Branding Pre-printing Poly/composite Signature panels Low energy magnetic stripe Slotting Bristol ID Prox Card.pdf

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Bristol ID Manufactures MIFARE® cards

Products Available: MIFARE Classic® 1K MIIFARE Classic® 4K MIFARE Ultralight® MIFARE® is a proven, reliable and robust technology for contactless smart cards. High volume IC manufacturing with leading process technologies and assembly experience has led to the issuance of over 500 million cards and the installation of 5 million readers and terminals in applications around […]

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Bristol ID Technologies wins 2011 PEAK Award from Print Services Distribution Association

May 18, 2011 – Lima – The Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) selected Bristol ID Technologies as the Grand Award winner in the Promotional Campaign, Best Manufacturer Kit category of the 2011 PEAK Awards. PSDA’s PEAK Awards program recognizes excellence in the print industry promoting projects that provide innovation and return on investment. The […]

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