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Travel Safe This Holiday Season With Bristol ID Technologies

As travel reinstates this holiday season, do you know how to keep your facilities secure?

With a line of covid-safe products ready to combat contact and transference, Bristol ID Technologies is a leading producer and innovator of plastic card printing technology for compliant access cards in facilities across the U.S.


Antimicrobial Film

One of Bristol ID Technologies newest products, AMGuard, provides an added layer of safety and protection for travelers and business owners as the holidays create a surge in purchases and shipping.

Enhanced with a patented antimicrobial compound, AMGuard effectively reduces and controls the growth of unwelcome microorganisms in locations such as schools, food service, office, heath care and high security environments. Easily applied to facility Signage, AMGuard protects discreetly without affecting the design of your most circulated materials.


RFID Wristbands and Wearables

RFID technology helps to limit physical contact between merchants and their patrons, creating a more secure environment for stores, resorts, hotels, schools, office buildings and other heavily trafficked facilities.

Requiring less sanitation with the benefit of contactless entry, RFID technology saves you on antibacterial sanitizing stations, sprays, protocol signs and employees within your facility that could add up to unforeseen costs over time. RFID can also track movement and frequency. Proper planning for tracking high volume times is becoming a data must for 2022 business bringing event planning back.


Ready to stay open safely this Holiday Season?

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