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Member: Beginner’s Guide aka Templates

Ever been concerned about having the right gear for your trek? Sometimes not knowing what’s needed can cause a bit of panic right at the start of an outing. The same holds true in the world of cards. What size and shape does your customer want – and how does that lay out digitally?  Take the unknown out of your card crafting ways with access to the most popular shapes and sizes we offer. That’s right, we’ve pared down the thousands of designs we’ve made and brought you the top in each category. These templates will take you through the beginning stage in a jiffy. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here, let us know. We’re happy to get you the template you need ASAP so you can be on your way.

Art Specification Form

Download PDF



FrontDownload PDF
With 1/2" Mag StripeDownload PDF
With Slot IndicatorsDownload PDF
 Key Fob
2.125" x 1.125"Download PDF
2.625" x 1.125"Download PDF
2.875" x 1.0625"Download PDF
2.125" x 1.125" 3 UpDownload PDF
2.625" x 1.375" with Left Thumb GripDownload PDF
2.625" x 1.375" with Right Thumb GripDownload PDF
2.75" x 4.75"Download PDF
3.5" x 5"Download PDF
3.375" x 4.25" Rack HangerDownload PDF
With 1 Fob - BottomDownload PDF
With 1 Fob - LeftDownload PDF
With 1 Fob - RightDownload PDF
Oversize 2.125" x 4.375"Download PDF
Oversize 3.375" x 3.125"Download PDF
Oversize 4" x 3"Download PDF
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