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Cards that grow you.


  • “I’ve heard they’re one of the best in the country.”
  • “Quality is excellent.”
    “I hear complaints about other suppliers’ customer service and I never hear complaints about Bristol.”
  • “The quality is great; it’s museum-standard.”
  • “The quality of their custom color printing work is what sets them apart.”
  • “Quality, without a doubt, is a strength.”
  • “They have good quality. You get what you pay for. The value’s there.”
  • “Honestly, when I think of a great example of somebody we work with that provides excellent service and good quality product, and stands behind everything, Bristol is the first one that comes to mind.”
  • “From the girls answering the phone, to the graphics dept., to the customer service, to production and of course you and all your back up guys, Bristol has always been my favorite vendor. You never disappoint me.”

“Their lead times are much better than the lead times of other vendors.”
“We have lead time issues with other suppliers, but we don’t have them with Bristol.”
“They have short lead times. That’s by far their number-one strength.”

  • “I don’t think Bristol’s ever said, ‘No, we can’t help you.’”
  • “They always say, ‘If there’s something you want, tell us and we’ll figure it out.’”
  • “They’re willing to do jobs that other companies won’t”
  • “If Bristol says they’re going to do something and are able to do it, they don’t let you down. They have a ‘can-do’ attitude.”
  • “They were able to get done what the other two weren’t.”
  • “They’re very accommodating when it comes to quotes—if I have rushes or need quicker turnaround time.”
  • “I’m pretty demanding with shipments, and they’re pretty accommodating.”
  • “Their people are very knowledgeable. They’re very in tune to making cards that meet ANSI or ISO specs. They make a concerted effort to stay up to date.
  • There’s never a challenge too big. You can present them with a challenge and they’re always willing to work on it. They were very quick to turn the samples and were very honest about what they could and couldn’t do, which is very important when we’re trying to decide if the product is something we can take to market.”
    “Sometimes we come to them with a different type of need or a customer wants something different. They won’t respond with, ‘Well, we don’t sell that.’ They’ll say, ‘Let’s work together and see if we can figure something out.’ They help us with things that are out of the box.”
  • “We’ve been giving them more business this year. We believe in them so much—it’s really kind of silly sometimes.”
  • “Absolutely 10.”
  • “On a scale of 1-10, Bristol is an 11”
  • “Thank you for making my job easy.”
  • “If you’re looking at soft things like being responsive and all of that stuff, Bristol’s got an edge.”
  • “Bristol is much better than all of them. Bristol is much more responsive. If you need something faster, they’ll try to help you. Their customer service is very good.”
  • “Bristol is much better to deal with. They make sure everything is done right and pricing is where it’s supposed to be.”
  • “The people at *Bristol’s Competitor* need a little lesson on dealing with people. Bristol is much better with customer service.”
  • “They’re one of the easiest vendors to do business with.”
    “They’re so much easier to deal with than the other companies. They’re really our favorite vendor to work with.”
  • “The number-one reason I purchase from them is they’re a good company to deal with.”
  • “They did such a good job at resolving the problem that it was hard to stay mad at them.”
    “If something happens and it’s not high quality, they make good on it very quickly.”
  • “They take constructive criticism well and are very customer-oriented. Whenever there is an issue, they’re always very responsive and will do whatever they can to fix it and make it right.”
    “They’re a good partner.”
  • “I wish all my vendors were like Bristol. I would never change because I feel their people care about us.”
    “Bristol is a supplier that really has our best interest in mind. They want to see us succeed and be a part of that success. I feel they have our best interest in mind and aren’t just trying to sell us stuff.”
  • “They’re a good partner that cares about their business and our business. They’re an outstanding company. They do a really good job for us. They really care about their customers, and they’re not just out to sell as much as they can sell.”
  • “They’re all nice: from the sales rep to customer service, to the lady that answers the phone.”
    “They’re all very friendly and approachable. They really make themselves known through their representation at the International Card Manufacturers Association and events within the industry. They put their best foot forward and it shows. Their customer service is better than most people out there.”
  • “We love Bristol. We love the people. We have such a great relationship with them. We almost feel like they’re a part of us and we’re a part of them. That’s how great of a relationship we have.”
  • “To be honest, they provide the best service of all vendors I work with. I compare all my vendors with Bristol.”
    “They’re so much easier to deal with than the other companies. They’re really our favorite vendor to work with. We’re really passionate about our relationships with our vendors, and they’re really passionate about their relationships with their customers, so it’s a good fit. In this day and age, we really appreciate that we can still get to know the people we’re doing business with.”
    You made my day!!!!! The cards just came in. I am so very impressed with you, your presspeople, your customer service and quality. I will have one very happy customer. They might even be happier than I am right now, though I don’t know if that’s possible. You are definitely my go-to supplier for anything we have in the future. Companies with your service are hard to come by anymore. Please thank everyone involved in this order. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”
    “You guys are the best! Give shipping a “high-five” from me!”
    “1st time to order from Bristol. Can’t even begin to say what an awesome company and customer service this is to work with. We’ll definitely be back!”
  • “Thank you for the prompt response Alyssa. I love that type of customer service !”
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