Did you know that plastic cards play a pivotal role in all forms of government? They allow or deny access, guard against identity theft and even prevent security breaches. See how it's been done by clicking on your link of choice below.



Plastic cards are used in all branches of government, right down to the local level. From hunting to fishing permits, employee ID to secure access control cards, we can help you create the solution you need.

The Setting:
A rural town needed to provide more durable hunting/fishing permits to its applicants. Paper permits issued were not lasting and creating more work for town employees in the re-issuance process.

The Solution:
The town worked with a Bristol ID dealer to upgrade to plastic permits. These permits last the entire season without prematurely wearing out. Town employees are now able to issue the permit only one time and not worry about the applicant returning.



The use of plastic cards is increasing in all branches of government, including the state level.

Bristol ID manufactures highly secure drivers' licenses and permits to name a few.

The Setting:
A Bristol ID partner realized that a west coast state needed to add more security to their legalized drug cards to lessen the fraudulent use ratio.

The Solution:
Working with Bristol ID, the dealer was able to offer the state a feature set of specialized foils applied throughout the card to make duplication virtually impossible.



Plastic cards play a pivotal role in all forms of government, including the Federal branch.

Bristol ID's feature-rich security options are sure to help your customer's site stay secure.

The Setting:
A software programming dealer was working with a Federal Agency to secure all computers at the agency's location. The challenge was that each computer had multiple users throughout the day and the agency wanted to make sure that only specific users had access to specific files.

The Solution:
With the use of Bristol ID's variable data imaging capability, the dealer was able to provide highly durable cards that worked in perfect harmony with the proprietary software. The agency was able to deliver these cards to hundreds of thousands of users and track every single one.

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