Health Care

From Insurance Cards to Employee ID's, cards are an important part of the Healthcare world. Besides the traditional "card" shape, other form factors are rapidly gaining traction assisted by the need for quick visual identity, careful tracking of irreplaceable assets, and streamlined processes.



All employees need to be properly identified in a hospital setting. We also offer parking management tools such as hangtags and car window decals.

The Setting:
A dealer who specializes in the healthcare industry realized patient safety was a top priority for the hospitals he works with. His customers were looking for a way to have patients be instantly aware of who was treating and working with them.

The Solution:
Bristol ID, using their Teslin product, was able to create color-coded badge title identifiers for each staff member. These oversized badges were used in conjunction with existing photo IDs so patients could easily know if they were being approached by a Doctor, RN, LPN or someone else.

Assisted Living


Whether you have a large or small institution; in today's litigious society, it is imperative that all your employees are properly identified.

The Setting:
An assisted living facility in rural NH needed to make sure all employees were properly identified. They had a fairly small staff and were on a limited budget.

The Solution:
Bristol ID's dealer was able to provide top-of-the-line ID cards using Bristol's cost-effective embedded holographic foil design cards. The facility was able to have their own logo embedded in the card, thereby lessening the duplication risk.

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