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3 Markets You Should Be Considering Right Now: Secure Access Cards

Secure building access is commonplace in most facilities, but who are the biggest industries using secure access cards today? In this article we break down 3 of the top markets and why you should take a closer look at them.

1. Education
Seamless school entry is now the standard in education. Students, faculty and staff all need access to different parts of a facility at any given moment in time. From early morning meetings to after school sporting events, locking up an entire building at a set time just isn’t a realistic option anymore. Students are participating in more extra-curricular activities than ever before. Access cards negate the need to restrict schedules, giving educational institutions the flexibility that they require for a diverse range of programs.

2. Travel and Leisure
Today’s resorts, hotels and leisure establishments are depending on the data of RFID technology to tell them where their guests are spending their money and their time. This information is becoming an integral part of the way that owners make strategic business decisions about the future of their organizations. Not only is this data used to optimize sales, it can also be used to ensure the security of guests and visitors. Traveling possesses so many variables that could create a negative experience. Access limitations, safety and security are not just important factors to the industry anymore, they’re requirements.

3. Healthcare
Modern medicine continues to raise expectations about how quickly patients can be seen, treated and released from hospitals and doctor’s offices. Medical facilities are seeing a high demand for quick access. Perhaps as important as the speed of access is also the limitations of it as well. Healthcare operates on strict confidentiality laws and agreements, all of which need to be protected by the practitioners as well as the administrators. Secure access to certain sectors with varying levels of admittance are the norm for many of these spaces. In addition to this, tracking can help locate critical team members needed during emergencies.

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