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3 Reasons Parking Hangtags Save Your Facility

Is your parking lot and building secure? How do you know?

Do you have facilities that store expensive materials, or highly sensitive machines?

As the need for highly secure access in major facilities rises, do you know who is entering your building? These questions that come up in your average meetings might seem trivial now, but what happens when there is an actual security breach?


Here’s 3 ways Hangtags and RFID Parking Passes save your business from dangerous situations and give you higher visibility to your business:


  1. Hangtags are an item that can easily be placed within or removed from any automotive machine without permanent adhesion or damages. This makes them transferrable and easy to administer.
  2. They allow you to track incoming and outgoing traffic, making a great supplemental security measure to cameras and recording.
  3. Hangtags keep a passive eye on important data points, like regulating building capacity during the endemic. They can even help with contact tracing.

Not sure where to get started?

Let our team of Secure Access experts help you decide the best plan for your facility today:

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