Bristol ID Technologies

Cards that grow you.

Bristol ID Technologies Provides Rapid Identification for the Healthcare Market

Is your hospital or healthcare space rapidly accessible? The growing need for reusable Medical Tags to quickly identify personnel by department or position has risen dramatically from 2020-2021.

Bristol ID Technologies, a leading producer and innovator of plastic card printing technology has been providing safe and reliable access for the Health Care Industry for over 30 years. With identifier medical tags which can be clipped behind or in front of ID badges, Bristol’s unique tags are widely used in hospitals and medical facilities as an essential addition to staff ID badges.

A variety of sizes are available for every application, including visitor badges. Bristol’s badges don’t just provide fast access, they also:

  • Showcase an attractive professional look
  • Have custom designs available
  • Provide stock and custom sizes to meet requirements

Need an authority you can trust on best practices for identification tags in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities? Look no further than the experienced team at Bristol ID Technologies, reach out today: 1.800.215.5865 |


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