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Contactless Entry Leads Post-Covid-19 Travel

With travel on the rise, destinations all over the world who have spent the last year cleaning and sanitizing are opting for contactless entry to lower cleaning costs. The need for RFID access technology, which allows customers, guests, and clients access to facilities without having to make direct contact has been deemed the safest entry option for re-opening.

From Photo IDs and Access Passes to Wearables like bracelets and key fobs, RFID technology provides an added measure of security. Looking for volume control and data when you reopen? RFID can do that too, with tracking that will help your company to understand how to manage high volume times that may not have existed pre-pandemic.

Do you need better time tracking for employees coming back into work? Try RFID wristbands and wearables for your staff to reduce scheduling confusion.

Are you ready to create a better experience for your customers in 2021?

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